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We’ve waited a long time, but Marvel Studios finally dropped the Deadpool 3 teaser that now appears to be titled Deadpool and Wolverine. The teaser starts with a birthday party for Wade Wilson surrounded by the people he loves and insults like Vanessa, Colossus, Vanessa, Yukio, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Fat Gandalf AKA Buck, Blind Al, Peter, Dopinder and all the old crew when the good fellas from the Time Variance Authority (TVA) show up.

Deadpool and Wolverine (Video ScreenGrab)(YouTube )
Deadpool and Wolverine (Video ScreenGrab)(YouTube )

That’s all that’s needed for Wade to launch into his signature fourth-wall breaking as he assures members of the TVA that while p******g might be new for Disney, he’s familiar with the concept.

At the TVA, he’s met by Matthew MacFadyen (Tom in Succession) who gives him the chance to be a ‘hero among heroes’, a claim to which Wade responds to in his signature style: “I am the Messiah, I am Marvel Jesus.”

What follows is some classic Deadpool action before a guy with claws and yellow spandex shows up. Check out the teaser below:

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