Shriya Saran: A kiss heals your bad day, low mood, and even a fight

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In a heartwarming display of affection, actor Shriya Saran and her husband Andrei Koscheev have been making headlines for their tradition of sharing a kiss at every event they attend together. To mark Kiss Day in Valentine’s week, Saran tells us that it started off as a joke earlier. “In any relationship, you have tough as well as good times. I remember I wasn’t well and feeling low, Andrei had come all the way from Thane for a premiere, he was also tired. So, he was there for me and I was there for him, and he just kissed me as I was very nervous. He was sweet enough to make me feel comfortable.”

Shriya Saran on kiss day
Shriya Saran on kiss day

What initially began as a private moment between the couple soon became a lighthearted spectacle. “Everyone started finding it funny and started laughing,” she recalls. “Surprisingly, the photographers very sweetly asked us to kiss again. It’s important and absolutely okay to express yourself in public as long as you are not making other people uncomfortable. If a simple kiss can bring a little positivity in someone’s life, then cool. And, it became a thing in every event then,” the 41-year-old adds.

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“I don’t believe in all these days of Valentine’s week as such,” the Drishyam actor shares and continues, “But, it’s lovely when someone treats you well in any way or you do something special for your special someone. In the end, it’s all about treating each other well, be it any day, chocolate, kiss, or teddy.”

For Saran, the act of kissing in public is a natural expression of love and affection. “Everyone kisses but I feel like some people are not comfortable in doing it in front of the camera,” she acknowledges. “For me, it’s okay, I am comfortable. I am more of an extrovert. Kissing is a very natural thing that we do, without thinking that we are in a public place or not. We just do it because it makes us feel happy, there’s no reason behind it.”

In a world where expressions of love vary widely, the actor emphasises the importance of finding one’s own unique way to show affection. “We all need some sense of expression of love, isn’t it?” she muses. “We all have our own ways of showing love. Showing love is as important as having love for someone. It has to be something that makes you feel the most special. It’s a sweet kiss for us! A kiss heals your bad day, low mood, or even a fight!” Saran ends.

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