Sharib Hashmi on old cancer ad going viral: ‘I did this 2 years ago for my wife’

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Writer-actor Sharib Hashmi said there’s always a correct way to spread awareness for a cause. Hashmi’s two-year old advertisement on cervical cancer began trending again following Poonam Pandey’s death hoax recently.

Sharib Hashmi did an ad on cervical cancer in 2022, which began trending again recently.
Sharib Hashmi did an ad on cervical cancer in 2022, which began trending again recently.

Hashmi said he was glad people appreciated his old ad and the way it encouraged them to search and read more about cervical cancer.

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“Two years ago, we did a public service ad for the Indian Cancer Society. I thought this was the perfect time to reshare the video. It’s great that people are liking it. Instead of reacting to something, I thought I should just let my ad do the talking,” Hashmi told us.

The actor, who’s an OTT favourite with popular shows including The Family Man (2019), Asur (2020), Scam 1992 (2020) and The Great Indian Murder (2022), added that sometimes, intentions are right, but the way people spread awareness for a cause is incorrect, and that’s when “more than anger, I feel uneasy and pity,” he said.

The 48-year-old actor believes while nobody should need a reason to support a cause, the social media was the biggest weapon today. “For celebs, who have a huge following, they also have a bigger responsibility. They must use social media wisely for this purpose,” he said.

“I did a lot of it during Covid. If I’m connecting with the cause and people associated with the ad, I always agree to do it,” Hashmi said.

Also known for films such as Tarla (2023), Zara Hatke Zara Bachke (2023), Vikram Vedha (2022), Darbaan (2020) and Fighter (2024), Hashmi however revealed there was a personal connection to being part of the cancer ad. His wife is an oral cancer survivor herself.

“I did this ad for her. She was diagnosed in 2018. Though it relapsed four times, she’s been cancer free since April 2022. Just pray for her! She’s a very strong woman,” Hashmi concluded.

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