Results of a weekly survey show mixed reactions to Motorola’s latest mid-rangers.

The underdogs have triumphed; last week’s survey revealed that the Moto G73 gave prospective purchasers pause while the G53, G13, and E13 were well appreciated. Is it a trick of the eye that a phone with an HD+ display defeated one with an FHD+ display?

Although there is more to it than that, it did. These phones are reasonable, after all, so the Moto G53’s lower price is really helpful. Look over to the Edge series for something more potent.

Motorola Moto G523

Speaking of which, the Moto G73 now offers 5G, which is great, but the G53 and Edge phones also have. Even though some of the earlier versions have more high-end hardware, they cost around the same.

Moto G73

As the Moto G23 discovered, striking a balance between features and cost may be difficult. It is even less expensive than the G53 but does not have 5G. Even if LTE networks won’t disappear anytime soon, many people didn’t like the idea of purchasing a 4G-only phone in 2023.

Moto G23

However, if you reduce the cost even further, you may get the Moto G13, a phone that earned a favourable review from users. Although the G13 loses its ultra-wide camera, the G23’s 5MP camera was never very noteworthy. Although the selfie camera’s quality is inferior and the charging is slower, it turns out that saving $50 buys a lot of goodwill.

13Moto G

The Moto E13, the least expensive of the lot, was given the thumbs-up as well; in fact, its ratio was the most favourable among the five models. It isn’t expensive—it costs half as much as a G23—and the Android Go Edition operating system is exactly what is required to make inexpensive hardware perform effectively.

Moto E13

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