Realme GT 2 pro was a value for money smartphone?


The Realme GT 2 series Lunched in china. It replace the Realme GT 5g from March 2021. But this time we have two variants realme gt 2 is standard and gt 2 pro option. The Realme gt 2 pro has bunch of improvement as compared previous gt 5g everywhere in the mobile.

Realme gt 2 pro looks beautiful
Realme gt 2 pro looks beautiful with solid case (image credit : gsmarena)

Starting with the display has, the GT 2 pro has LPTO 2 AMOLED pannel that boost the low consumption of the power and adaptive refresh rate range between 1Hz to120Hz. Gt 2 has big battery 5000mAh. Which increasing the expectations of the battery endurance. There are another noticeable improvement in camera setup. And there are othere companys also First in there well. The main 64MP camera was swipe out, Sony made 50MP sensor with multi-directional PDAF and OIS. And the Ultra-wide camera made Samsung 50MP paired with an impressive 150 degree shoot lens allowing the fisheye shot. But sadly there is telephoto camera and there is only 3MP micro camera sensor with AF and 40x magnification.


The Realme gt 2 pro comes in a beautiful and big box that nonetheless, should have reduce the fingerprints as per Realme. And the company says that the combination of the new bio based polymer back, every 1 million gt 2 pro has shipped account of 3.5 million of plastic bottles.

 Realme gt 2 pro
Unboxing of Realme gt 2 pro (image credit :gsmarena)

The box contains the all the as usual user manual’s. USB A to USB C cable for charging and data transfering, appropriate 65w charging adapter. And the protection for the phone it has a solid and nice looking protective case. The case quality is good it doesn’t feel like a cheap and it’s provide the gripe is extremely amazing.


The Realme try something different with design and build. The last year top tear of the gt 5G had a vegan leather, and this year gt 2 pro has special paper colours variants in the market. The phone’s are made of bio based polymer, leaving of 35.5% less carbon footprint. Perhaps the OME referes the standard the material are used smartphones.

The company has worked with the Saudi Arabian firm sabic to come up with paper texture the colour names. Realme once again worked with Naoto Fukusawa was a designer who helped to make GT master edition series from last year. That’s why we get singnature for the designer the back phone.

(image credit :gsmarena)

The surface of the phone it feels like Paper but we the couldn’t get the over notion the the plastic. It’s definitely lighter than the glass and takes away that premium feel you usually get from the flagship Smartphone.

The scratches would be less and a noticeable non shinny back surface. And the materials provides a superior grip as compared to sooth plastic and glass back, the fingerprints smudges no longer issue is here. So for the non-premium feel is responsible the trade-off gives the advantage of the polymer.

The sides we see anodized aluminum and the back plate seamlessly transitions into the oval sides frame with no protrusions or ridges. And it feels the nice, you can easily see the antenna cutout all around as the phone incorporates a 360 degree antenna design, The Realme is really proud of it.

Its just like the IQOO 9 pro and the OPPO Find X5 Pro (both phones are made by BBK Electronics Chinese company) antenna arrys matrix improve the phone reception and the connectivtiy capability. A combination of software and the hardware improve the optimization of the 5G cellular connection, Wi-Fi and NFC.

The software decided that which if the 12 antennas to use depending on the scenarios. We found the 360 degrees of NFC to be quite handy in practice. Theres a cough through the 360 degree part refers only the upper half of the hand set. And there is nothing out of ordinary around the frame. We have the volume rocker in the lift side and the power button was right side of the phone. The bottom houses has a dual SIM card, USB-c connector and the bottom firing speaker.

The gt 2 pro was lightweight, the paper white and the paper green variant weight was 189 grams (you can add 10 grams for the glass it’s a optional) and the thickness of the phone is just 8.2mm. All that the camera hardware gives that distant top heavy feel. Yet the gt 2 pro doesn’t feel hefty at all to, it’s not to shabby for 6.7 inch device.

Our team like the design of the gt 2 pro and applued the Realme efforts offering the something different in the see of glass sandwich.


Realme gt 2 pro display is standout feature it has second generation of LPTO pannel, Which is made by Samsung. Which should compare to that high end flagships phone from 2021 to 2022. The biggest appeal of the screen it’s energy efficiency as the realme claim about 50% lower consumption as compare to OLED solutions. It’s was capable of incremental refresh rate stepa and highly adjustable depending on the scenarios. The pannel can do anything between 1Hz to 120Hz refresh rate.

120Hz refresh rate LPTO second generation (image credit :gsmarena)
120Hz refresh rate LPTO second generation (image credit :gsmarena)

Other notable feature include HDR 10+ Support. Our team found its work on YouTube, but we are not able to download Netflix since the gt 2 pro is yet to be add a streaming platform in white list, and 1000Hz touch smapling rate, 10 bit colour depth, 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage, 10,240 brightness levels of granular automatic adjustment and WQHD+ (1440 x 3216px) resolution. All of this fits in a 6.7 inch diagonal is peotecting by gorilla glass victus.

The brightness slider to a Maximum in the manual mode is ensure 482 nits of brightness, automatic mode triggers a significant boost to achieve 778 nits. This is an excellent result and it’s tad lowest than what most high end flagships models Have to offer. Don’t forget that the Realme gt 2 pro pricing put in the lower end of the flagship spectrum. In any chance 778Nits outdoors are perfectly fine for comfortable to use in the sunny day.

However, the Realme still far from the advertised 1400 nits of peek brightness, so our team went a long in the testing that just 10% APL. In this process panel reached 487 nits- still grate but no where near the promised of 1400 nits.

Colour Accuracy

When its comes to the colour accuracy through the panels ability to reproduce the accurate colours is amazing. The Standard Vivid mode as a noticeable blue-ish tint in the white and gray but using the natural colours mode ensure an average dE2000 of just 1.7. Some bright shades of white still have tendency to look blue-ish. But it’s nowhere near the ting produced in vivid mode.

HRR control

We are happy to share this to you Realme takes full advantage of the LPTO 2.0 ALMOND’s capability’s and when it’s to the refresh rate control. If the brightness in the current scenarios isn’t At maximum level, all the static imagery will be displayed at 10HZ. However at the maximum level of the brightness the variable can go at low as 1HZ. For the video playback the system prefers the 30Hz also depend on the video fram rate. It can also 24Hz , 48Hz, and 60Hz.

Battery life

The battery of original Realme GT 5, The GT 2 pro adds another 500mAh to its battery capacity, and you expect the overall endurance rating is significantly higher. But we suspect tyhe more efficent in hardware, but the display chip deserves the some credit. The web browsing score hasn’t changed much over the last year’s model of Realme. But the video playback timing is improved almost 20hours and 50 mints of video playback which is amazing as compare to the previous module Realme gt 5G videology playback time is 16hours and 20 mints which is massive improvement, 3G talk time of the gt 2 pro was 35hours and 28 mints Realme improve the 10 hours of 3G talk time as compare to GT 5G, the browsing time was 13hours and 14 mints.

image credit :gsmarena you

The overall endurance rating is 117h was campare to a mid-range smartphone, and that mean that in positive way. Butter oriented handsets usually employ energy efficient chipset and it has a big battery. While the flagship models priorize the raw power and over power consumptions, it’s so interesting see the GT 2 pro achievements such impressive runtime.

Charging speed

Realme gt 2 pro has same charging tech as Realme GT 5G, 65w SUPERDART charger that pumps two separate battery cells at the same time high charging speed. Despite the larger battery capacity the GT 2 pro charging time is comparable. In the first 30 mints GT 2 pro was 91% and next ten minutes it will completely full of the phone.


The GT 2 PRO was standard a dual speaker setup that consists of a bottom firing one and smaller one that acts as earpiece as well. When playing the together it was well balanced, and the loudness of the gt 2 pro was good but hopefullyit was not good as Realme gt 5G loundness was awesome.


Realme gt 2 pro has a triple camera setup on the back. This phone has 50MP of main camera, 50MP of Ultra-wide camera, and 3MP 40x mircoscopic lens. Front side the selfie camera has 32MP. What makes the GT 2 PRO stands out in the market. The Ultra-wide camera has 150 degrees of snipping and result of the picture Comes was amazing and it captures plenty of the details. You gonna miss the telescopic sensor in gt 2 pro, but your going to enjoy another while taking wide angle shoots.

The 40x macroscopic lens you never realized that you needed with tiny bit of practice. But you will find yourself while clicking photos all kind of materials and thing, jest see the thing how things looks then you can really zoom it. And everyday using you probably stick to 50MP camera sensor, But it’s best for show off because of design, and camera.


The Realme GT 2 pro has a Qualcomm’s latest and fastest chipset snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC based in Samsung 4nm technology. And it hold the octa-core CPU with three different clusters. The main cortex-X2 core runs on 3.0 GHz, aided by 3x cortex A710 ready ticking at 2.5 GHz plus third cluster of 4X cortex A510 at 1.8GHz for less demanding of task to preserve the energy. And the Adren 730 GPU take care of Intensive graphically of

The GT 2 was offering to varents 8 or 12GB RAM but there is no expandable storage. The 8GB variant paired with both 128Gb and 256Gb of storage, While the 12Gb was paired with 256Gb and 512 GB. We have tested the GT 2 pro with usual benchmark tests to see the gt 2 pro chipset utilizes the chipsets full potential.

Image credit :gsmarena

Realme GT 2 pro Greekbench score (multi core) 3501 which is lower than iqoo 9pro, Greekbench score (single core) 1238 is good better than the iqoo 9pro, Antutu score 966251 was average. But unsurprisingly the handset comes out competition is pretty much all scenarios and also showed the promise of 20% gains over the snapdragon 888/888+ . We see that it was faster than Samsung Exynos 2200 in CPU.

The Gt 2 pro also seems to comparable performance of snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powerd device such as iqoo 9pro and ZTE Nubia red magic 7. It also has Stainless Steel vapor cooling max solution covers a 36.761mm2 cooling area. Which is 105% up from last year’s design improved upto 25% of efficiency. The system consists of 9 layers that was include diamond thermal gel, which is better than thermal conductor upto 50 to 60% of the standard thermal past.

The CPU maintain about 74% of its maximum performance, but judging by the graphics just one dip that touch 74%. The CPU performance hoverd around 80%, by looks of it you well get the experience of drastic dips when playing.


The GT 2 pro has almost all the bells and whistles with excellent HRR screen, a flagship SoC, a Premium design, great camera capability, a big battery comes with a fast charging, and there is a neat features such as a 360° degree NFC, amazing haptic feedback and a built heart in rate sensor . Still there is a missteps was relevant by the Realme into there account. The lack of telephoto camera and absence of wireless charging are the most note worthy in flagship smartphones. With this features that you’d expect the price of €700 for the phone.

The recently released vivo iqoo 9 pro from BBK ELECTRONICS. It’s currently of the few has a snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC and powerd alternative in India, price was INR64,999 for basic variant and top variant was 71,999 that offer the same features set as it not so distant sibling, the GT 2 pro. But it’s even has a telephoto camera and faster wireless charging and a full-fledged of telephoto camera. So we are suggest and referrs the our full review to learn about the nonthoeless. And we are pretty sure about the pricing of Realme GT 2 pro well priced considerably lower Then the iqoo 9pro price in India. The real me gt 2 pro price is 52,999 INR for basic variant 8/128GB, and too variant was 12/256Gb 61,999 INR.

Pros and Cons


  • Superb 120Hz LTPO2 ALMOND display with granular HRR control
  • personally our team like the paper back and feels good in hand
  • Good sustain performance, lower temperature
  • All the camera are performed very well
  • big battery with dual battery cells and fast charging
  • Neat feature such as 360°degree of NFC, crisps vibration motor, microscopic lens


  • The paper design might not feel as the premium level smartphone
  • selfie was meh
  • lack of wireless charger
  • And the lack of telephoto camera

Overall the Realme gt 2 pro was a excellent phone it has a latest Qualcomm chipset, camera was amazing but missing of telephoto camera and wireless charging but it was amazing phone, as compare to previous modules of Realme gt 2 pro was stands out and it has HRR screen which is superb in my opinion Realme gt 2 pro was true value for money smartphone

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