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Even as the world was busy soaking in all the commercials and trailers released during the Super Bowl, Ranveer Singh had a surprise in store for fans. He dropped a commercial about sexual health for a men’s brand on Monday and the ad featured none other than, adult star Johnny Sins. Ever since the ad dropped, people had some feelings. Here’s how they reacted on X. (Also Read: Ranveer Singh, adult star Johnny Sins take internet by storm in sexual health ad)

A screen grab of Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh in the ad
A screen grab of Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh in the ad

The crossover

Some fans took to X to call the crossover unexpected. One fan wrote, “The crossover we never expected even in our dreams. #RanveerSingh #JohnnySins.” Another wrote that, forget Deadpool and Wolverine (the trailer for which was released at Super Bowl), this was the ‘biggest’ crossover. They wrote, “Biggest crossover: Deadpool X Wolverine (cross emoji) Johnny Sins X Ranveer Singh.”

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Crazy and unexpected

One fan felt shocked that Bollywood was now collaborating with Johnny, writing, “Bollywood collaborating with him is a new shock now. #JohnnySins #RanveerSingh.” Another pointed out that the casting for the ad was ‘crazy and unexpected,’ writing, “Damn they chose Jonny Sins for sexual care products ad in India, and Ranveer Singh can do it ik after that AIB video. This is a crazy and unexpected cast for ad.”

India is not for beginners

Referencing the lead character from the TV show Saath Nibhana Saathiya, one X user wrote, “India got its new Ahemji #JohnnySins #RanveerSingh.” Another hilariously pointed out that it was bold to use an adult star in a commercial, “India is not for beginners. JOHNNY SINS in an Indian commercial ad with RANVEER SINGH. #JohnnySins.”

The Indian TV trope

Once people got over the fact that Ranveer and Johnny shared the screen in an ad, they were all praised for the commercial that used cheesy TV tropes to bring their point across. One X user wrote, “Hahahahahaha… this is a brilliant way to use a celebrity in an ad. Not only does not use Ranveer Singh (and Johnny Sins – ‘Google’ him!) in a totally unexpected (and hilarious) way using the much-derided Indian TV series trope, but it also makes the product category far more accessible to a wider set of people beyond it being used in hushed tones! Great job by Moonshot, the agency. #advertising #marketing #creative #creativity.”

Breaking stigma

One X user pointed out that in a country where talking about safe sex and sex education is stigmatised, it’s good that Ranveer acted in a commercial like this one, writing, “These guys going crazy over Ranveer Singh doing that ad calm down bhai log vaise bhi s*x education is not properly provided in this country. Don’t make it a stigma someone might just need that. This stigma continues from your school to adulthood but we all need to accept.”

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