POCO x4 pro 5G detail review of smartphone

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POCO introduced the Poco x4 pro 5G to the Indian market. It’s a mid-range smartphone with bunch of future. If you’re looking for poco x3 pro sequel, you won’t getting it. If you are looking for affordable mid-range smartphone. A refreshed poco x3 NFC, if you will, then you have come to the right place.

we can’t hide the nature of the poco x4 pro 5G it’s a replaced global version of redmi note 11pro plus 5g with the redesign the rear panel. This is not a first time and it wasn’t be the last time. But POCO did this many times so this not surprising for the us and here is a detail review of poco X4 Pro.

Poco x4 pro 5G of the Unboxing

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The poco x4 pro 5G box has 67w charger Xiaomi charger With 6A rated cable. Xiaomi has using the charger for almost all the smartphones in the mid-range smartphones these days. The phone box contain the transparent Soft case which fit perfectly to the phone. And the display has thin protection glass for the display which looks nice. Xiaomi usually apply the protective glass in the factory but it seems like another cost-cutting decision was made by the Xiaomi. And in the box you gets documents about and the phone.37


The design of the poco x4 pro 5G quite similar to redmi note 11pro plus 5G but the poco x4 pro 5G was a flat Glass on the front side. And a flat Glass on back of the side it’s lock the eyes and it has a plastic side gripe with a matte finish. Gorilla Glass 5 handles the screen protection of the phone.

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The poco x4 pro 5G is IP53-rate for dust and splash protection, we could see the rubber insulation all over the important parts of the phone. They are have both basic resistance of the phone is neither dust or water tight it should not submerge with any part of the phone.

And we have laser back version which is looks is amazing and it’s simplicity. You will get unique efficienton the back of the phone. The reflection of the phones back panel looks beautiful.

Poco x4 pro 5G was three variants laster blue, poco Yellow and and leaser black they all looks solid colours with a glossy finish. Reflection of the light mimics leaser.

The right side has volume and the lock/power keys of the phone, left side has no control.

The lock/power key’s surface was incorporate for fingerprint sensor, it’s always on blazing too fast. The accuracey of the key’s superb. you can set trigger action to be a touch or press.

The sides of the phone is flat is made with thin plastic, and it has matching colour to the back. And it has a matte finish that helps for grip of the phone.


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while the poco x4 pro 5G is not exactly upgrade over the poco x4 pro its display has improve with Almond panel, higher brightness and fast ouch sample rate. The cutout remains small, the protection is handled the Gorilla Glass shield.

The poco x4 pro has a 6.67-inch super Almond screen of 1080×2400 pixels 120Hz refresh rate and wide colour support. The pannel offer upto 360Hz touch smapling rate.the screen is not capable of HDR 10. Even if the hardware reading apps may find it such as quite expected, but there is no HDR 10 support.

Poco the display for it’s 2047 brightness level, 700 nits of maximum is 1200 nits for the pick of brightness. It’s quite close to the iqoo 9pro flagship level smartphone.

our team conform that the maximum brightness is 754 nits when using the auto-brightness or the manual one with the sunlight boost option activate, when your not under the bright light, OLED panel typical is 477nits in the line with most of the Almond panels.

Colour accuracy

poco x4 pro display supports the DCI-P3 widecolour space. And the setting app supports three colour modules – Vivid(defualt,DCI-P3), Saturated (default, saturated boost), and Standard (sRGB). Colour temperature are fine-tune for each mode.

The Vivid (default) option reproduce the DCI-P3 faithfully, and we found it fairly accurate excluding the slightly bluish-white and gray hues. Standard option corresponds to sRGB and it offers the accurate rendering, including white and gray colours.

Refresh Rate

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The display supports the 60Hz (standard) and 120Hz (Maximum) refresh rate; both are the static options.

The 120Hz option is default one, and if you don’t the refresh rate setting, 60Hz uses only for video playback across the apps that cannot support higher than 60Hz screen. And anything else the screen works 120Hz.

While the phone does support higher frame rate gaming. It’s GPU is Probably too weak to make it happen in the games.


The poco x4 pro 5G comes with Widevine L1 DRM Support, and full HD streaming is available across the popular platform, Netflix included.

battery life

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The poco x4 pro 5G is Powerd by a large 5,000mAh Battery, the same capacity as the most of the recent redmi note pro models. The phone support 67w MI fast charging.

The Poco x4 pro 5G score 119h endurance rating with excellent scores across the board, 4h more hours than the Redmi note 11pro plus 5g with the same display, chipset and battery.

Charging speed

The poco x4 pro 5G supports 67w Mi fast charging, one of the most notable upgrades on the recent Xiami-made phoneS this year. The phone ships with 67w Adapter and a 6A-rated USB cable.

So, this 67w power adapter recharged the poco x4 pro 5G battery 0% to 75% in 30 mints-an incredibly fast performance of changing in the mid-range smartphone.

A full charge took 48 minutes in the line with other phone with the similar battery and charging capability – and once again – plenty fast. The poco x4 pro 5G was no wireless charging support and reverse charging wired support for this phone.


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The poco x4 pro 5G has a proper stero speakers setup, the one of the most recent Redmi phones. There are two symmetrically placed on the top and bottom sides, each behind the dotted grills. The top on has a second outlet jest above the screen as it also double as your earpiece.

The sound of the poco x4 pro 5G was incredibly balanced the top and bottom speaker’s, and you can’t tell the top speakers is a bit quieter, The front outlet compensates for that in a smarter way. As compared to the redmi note 11pro plus 5g to poco x4 pro 5G scored very well in loudness. The sound quality is pretty good.

Software of poco x4 pro 5G

The software of this phone like most of the phone recently from xiaomi and redmi the smartphones, boost the android 11 with new MIUI 13 version of the software. There are few minor changes of MIUI version with poco. Most of the features of MIUI under the hood, they should make a smoother, smarter and more secure experience for the users.

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The MIUI 13 is based on the Android 11. And they not include any feature of Android 12 like revampe websites and there new websites pages in the app. And there is no advanced privacy dashboard either with options like protected clipboard, approximate locations, update of face unlock algorithm. The updated files Manager and clock app with bedtime mode.

the other notable missing features of Android 11+ MIUI 13 combo are improved the one-handed mode. And the improved the camera app with zero shutter lag motion photos.


Snapdragon 695 chipset used in the poco x4 pro 5G, it’s a massive down grade of poco x3 pro which has the chipset of snapdragon 860 Scott but it’s a small improvement as compared to the poco x3 NFC which has the snapdragon 732.

Snapdragon 695 has same silicon powering the redmi note 11pro plus 5g. Which is a completely revamped for mid-range chipset smartphone.

The snapdragon 696 was based on the 6nm technology which is manufactuer by the TSMC company. And it has mordern cortex-A78 CPU cores.

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The octa-core proccesor of the snapdragon 695 5G offers the two kryo Gold (cortex -A78) cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and six kryo 660 silver (cortex-A58) working at 1.8 GHz .

There is also adreno 619 Gpu, which is lower mid-range smartphone as far as performance is also concerned.

The poco x4 pro 5G was available in two variants 6GB and 8GB Ram type is LPDDR4x The storage of the phone is also two variants 128Gb and 256Gb Rom for global version, (but the Indian version has 64Gb and 128Gb for Indian market) the type of the storage is UFS 2.2 storage. But we have 6GB /128Gb.

The Snapdragon 695 supports the dual 5G, Wi-Fi 5.0 (media tek providing the Wi-Fi 6.0 One the competitor of snapdragon which has to improve), Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, GPS.

The SD 695 was increased the performance upto 15% over the poco x3 NFC it’s snapdragon 730 chipset.

This chipset faster than non-5G redmi note 11pro has Helio G96 chipset. Obviously it’s not even close to flagship level snapdragon 860 chipset. The Adreno 619 offers the minor performance boost over the Adreno 618 within the poco x3 Nfc, which is disappoint.

The poco x4 pro 5G turned out with a great stability. And it’s manage to keep 74% of its under the peak usage for an hour, and 99.9% of the GPU performance and the poco x4 pro 5G runs smoothly and the most of the drawing with UI, which is not compatible for the non-gaming apps with 120fps and it’s Too do that process.There are some stutter and lag Across the UI. And the chipset is too weak made for some camera app crash during the intensive shooting.


The Poco x4 pro 5G has trible camera setup on the back as same as the redmi note 11pro plus 5g. It has the 108MP primary camera, 8MP of Ultra-wide camera, and 2MP of micro Cam.

The main camera has more resolution than the poco x3 NFC 48MP and the poco x3 pro has 64Mp primary sensor. The 48MP Ultra-wide is a match to x3 NFC’s, but the lower resolution than the poco x3 PRO’S. There is no in depth sensor on the poco x4 pro, but the 2MP macro shooter is her.

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The main camera relies on 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM2 1/1.52 sensor with 0.7mm pixel and 24 mm f/1.9 lens. The colour filters is Nona Bayer, which means 9 sensor pixels are combined into one 2.1mm, and the output resolution is 12MP PADF is available. The the one and only camera which supports Night mode.

The Ultra-wide camera uses a 8MP Sony imx x355 sensor behind a 16MM f/2.2 lens. The focus is fixed on a point. And there is no night mode, just like the redmi note 11pro 5g.

The macro camera packs a 2MP Galaxycore GC02M1 sensor behind an f/2.4 lens. The focus is fixe on the 4cm away Point.

The sWi-Fi camera uses a 16 MP omnivision OV16A1Q 1/3.06 sensor with 1.0mm pixel and a Quad-bayer filter. It sites behind an f/2.4 lens and focus is fixe On the point. While this camera supposed to save the 4mp image. It instaedoutput upscaled 16mp selfie camera.

Camera app

The camera app is rather straightforward implemention, thought it does have its quriks. First basic operation of changing modes working with side swipe and you can tap on the modes you can see the switch directly. And up and down swipe doesn’t work switching front and raer camera, only the toggle next to the shutter does that.

There is a option you can add, remove and adjust the modes of the camera. The unused be in the more tap. But you can switch to a less intutive pull-out the pane that summoned from Aline next to release the shutter.

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There is a lot of options in the menu at far end is where you find additional option including the super macro icon to access the settings. Next to that menu, you have a flash mode switch an HDR Mode switch, AI toggle Mode was a short-cut to the access the Google lens, and a magic wand with beauty effects and the filters.

Quality of pictures

The primary camera saves 12MP as intend to they look okay. Resolve details are acceptable for this class, and we can only praise the colour accuracy and the white is balance.

The Poco x4 pro 5G photo are plague by the extra noise the same issue was encounter by Redmi note 11pro plus 5g. And it’s clearly visible across the area of random details like foliage and often the sharpening make it’s even worse

Main Camera

It can shoot in 108MP and the photos come with a high resolution archived with the processing of upscale of 12MP the photos offers the colour Presentation good dynamic range and high contrast. They are not that detail and mostly soft and are overrun by the noise.

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The 108MP is resize those still down to 12MP. And you will get more detailed photos with balanced sharpness and a natural look. And you can also crop from the 27MP center of the 108MP for 2x digital zoom. This will give the 2x better zoom photos than the default 2x proccesing. If only the poco x4 pro 5G has that power to do this itself.

Ultra-wide camera

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We like the photos comes from 8MP Ultra-wide camera as they are adequate this budget segment. The camera app offer the high dynamic range as the auto HDR often trigger HDR, while the contrast is enough. The automatic distortion correction does a great job.

Macro camera

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The poco x4 pro 5G has 2MP macro camera with a fixed focus on the point. The most important and basic things in the smartphone. The macro camera take the closeup shots provides, the shoots from exactly 4cm away, otherwise you will get a rather blurry and out of the focus image.

The 2MP photos offers good colours even if a bit desaturated passable details and good dynamic range. The contrast could have been a bit higher. The best you can dowith image in post them in social media. But not before applying the same filters.

Selfie camera

The poco x4 pro 5G has a 16MP selfie camera with a Quad-bayer colour filters. Just like Xiaomi and Redmi models, this one also save 16MP photos instead of the expected 4MP.

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And those 16MP still are alright in mid-range selfie experience. The resolve details is adequate even if not on par with what you get from a non QB sensor. The contrast is good though colour are accurate,and the subject is always well exposed the noise low is enough.

portrait selfie is available in poco x4 pro 5G but they are not that good the subject of the separation is average and get worse with more complex hair styles. You can easily notice that the background distortion around head and ears.


  • affordable pricing
  • bueatifull front glass design
  • IP53rated
  • amazing Amoled display, bright, 120Hz refresh rate
  • blazing fast charging, top-notch battery
  • good quality of sound
  • 3.5mm Jack, IR baster and decided micro SD card slot


  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Not squeal to the poco x3 pro likely poco x3 NFC but does not outperform it
  • it’s not on Android version 12
  • poor photo and video quality
  • no 4k video recording

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