oppo find X5 pro flagship smartphone Price review

oppo company launched flagship smartphone oppo find X5 pro. actually, oppo is a sub-brand of a one-plus company.

Oppo find X5 pro
image credit gsmarena.com

design of oppo find X5 pro

oppo find X5 pro design Image credit oppo

It looks premium the camera bump is not actually square, it’s a bit diagonal. This design is similar to the find x3 design. The back is ceramic and the metallic frame, gorilla glass protection this phone it fets very good look is amazing like milk there is no 3.5mm jack and no side-mounted fingerprint sensor it has an in-display fingerprint sensor there is a USB TYPE C at the bottom, it has a dual nano sim card tray.

He In-hand feel is very good and because the ceramic back is a bit curved it feels a bit slippery side front and back weight of the phone is 216 grams because of the ceramic back but the weight distribution is very good. It’s feels not too heavy but the oppo company weight balanced very well.


oppo find X5 pro display. Image credit:gsmarena.com

he display is “6.7” QHD+AMOLED 2kLTPO, the refresh rate variable from 1Hz-120Hz, it also has 1300 nits of brightness at an angle of the display is top of the line and the colours looks very beautiful and the impersive screen the bezels are very slim and there’s a side punch hole camera.

oppo find x5pro has a big screen and audio quality of the speakers is also great. IQOO 9PRO is very good as compare to oppo find x5 pro in my opinion s iqoo is the best option for a flagship smartphone in 2022.

MariSilicon X

MariSilicon X chip of oppo find X5 pro image credit oppo

oth oppo find X5 and find x5pr feature oppo MariSilicon x NPU for AI image smart. it’s not a fully-fledge soC like the snapdragon or Exynos processors but there Instead, its combines images signal processing unit (NPU), and memory components into a chip.

Built for AI images. Essentially, oppo aims to improve the quality of the image and video shot by the find x5 pro. Design of the prosseor is 6nm process reduction algorithm design by the oppo.The oppo claim that it can detect and reduce noise in each frame while preserving finer details, like colours accuracy skin in our experience, however the tends to oversaturate the colours. A high-level sharpening in post-processing is also an issue.

Elsewhere, the mariSilicon X chip improved night-time images, and 4k videos, real-time live previews, and 4k ultra-dynamic range videos.


Display : 6.7-inch AMOLED LPTO, 3,2161,440, 120HZ refresh rate




Battery : 5000mAh, 80w wired charging, 50w wireless charging

RearCamera : rear-50mp wide(1.0m,f1.7,25mm, 80-degree FOV)

ultrawide-50mp(1.0m,f2.2,15mm,110-degree FOV)

telephoto-13mp(1.0m,f2.4,52mm,2xoptical zoom)

Fornt camera : 32mp wide(f2.4,21mm,90-degree FOV)

audio : stereo speakers Dolby Atoms support

connectivity : 5G(sub-6GHz),Wi-Fi6(ax),DualBand bluetooth5.2NFC SUPPORT,Dual-

sim(Most markets) eSIm

Security : under-display fingerprint sensor

software(OS) : android 12, colourOS 12.1

materials. : back: ceramic Frontcorning Gorilla Glass VICtus

Durability. : IP68 certified

Dimensions and weight:163.773.9*8.5mm, 218g
colours:Ceramic White & glaze black


A camera of oppo find X5 pro. image credit robert triggs androidauthority.com

Now, these days the camera is very important. This camera is versatile, the setup of the camera is 50MP+50MP+13MegaPixel as compare to the find x3pro had a microscopic sensor.

It has 50MP primary sensor which gives you up to 5 access stabilisation, he secondary sensor has 50MP ultra-wide but its FOV is 110-112 but it has to be improved to in generally it’s 120 FOV, and the third sensor is telly photo which gives you to 2x optical zoom.

Image credit gsmarena.com

it has an ultra-wide sensor, primary sensor and telescopic photos very stabilised it’s very versatile.
Front camera the selfie camera sensor is 32MP, the photos under the normal conditions come out great colours are beautiful. they have added a dedicated [MPU] for low light.
performances Of the 8gen 1 chipset which help in processing low light video and photos although al but there is no big difference.which is also battery efficient for 6nm it good low light is average but under the normal condition it’s really good.


image credit Robert Triggs androidauthority.com

oppo find x5pro dual-cell 5,000mAh battery easily lasts a whole day for power use. Our team got even go to eight hours of heavy useage of 10 hours of video streaming and a lighter user may even go into the second day. oppo super VOOC charging takes to 0 to 100%in just 32 minutes. if you are in hurry, you can get a 25%charge in just five minutes.oppo rate the battery of the find x5pro good for 1,600 full cycle charges. which is amazing double up to 800cycle lifespan of the previous models.

opp also corrected the major omission from last year. At least the find X5 pro charges with USB Cables, albeit at an 18w speed.This is a big improvement from the sub-10w charging we saw on the oppo find X3 pro and ensure that the handset will charge better with third-party accessories.

oppo find X5pro software(OS)

image credit Robert Triggs androidauthority.com

The find X5 mobile ships with Android 12 and oppo’s colour OS 12.1 build. Our team noted in his review that theming is consistent with details. he also observed that colour OS is very deeply, in that it has a wide range of options for you to discover and tweak. Moreover, colour OS 12 implement one of the best features in this android 12 dynamic theming. and automatically pull out the colours from your wallpapers and apply them across the various, notifications, systems toggles, and more.

colour OS 12 has some problems. it keeps recommending apps from oppo’s proprietary app stores and that is a nuisance. pre-installed apps are also abundant, taking away from the overall experience of the software is good. oppo promised they will give three years of OS updates and four years of monthly patches for oppo find X5 and X5 pro.

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