Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action’s Sanji gives an update about Season 2

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Brace yourselves, One Piece fans! Netflix’s live-action series is gearing up for Season 2, and the good news is, that filming is about to kick off. The series has been a colossal hit, prompting the swift announcement of a second season.

One Piece live-action series gears up for Season 2 as filming is about to start.(X)
One Piece live-action series gears up for Season 2 as filming is about to start.(X)

One Piece live-action star teases filming start:

Taz Skylar, who plays Sanji, spilled the beans about the upcoming season’s progress. Speaking to Digital Spy, Skylar shared, “I know we have general dates, to when we are going back to South Africa, which isn’t too long from now.” Get ready for some behind-the-scenes action!

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One Piece live-action Season 2 production moves full steam ahead:

With the end of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes last year, production for One Piece Season 2 has been moving full throttle. Skylar’s revelation hints at the enthusiasm and dedication of the cast and crew.

What to expect from One Piece live-action Season 2:

Skylar, in his excitement, teased a bit about what fans can expect in Season 2. “I love the way that they’re adapting it, I love what they’re doing with each one of our characters,” he exclaimed. Looks like the team is cooking up something special for us!

Eager cast and crew:

Skylar, expressing the cast and crew’s eagerness, said, “We all as a cast, as a team, as a crew, are so excited to get back together. The first time was such a great experience, and we made so many great friends.” The love for South Africa and the anticipation for another amazing season are palpable.

One Piece live-action Season 2 release details:

While Season 2 is in the works, the release details are yet to be announced. If filming starts soon, we might be looking at a potential 2025 release. Fingers crossed for an epic continuation!

As the gears start turning for Season 2, expect announcements on new cast members and insights into the massive arcs the next season will dive into. The excitement is building up, and the anticipation is real!

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