Magic of compounding: A monthly SIP of 10K in this mutual fund since inception would have grown to ₹1.76 crore

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Have you ever wondered what is the key to long term wealth creation? Is this picking the right stocks only? Or is it something to do with investing into diversified mutual funds which minimise the risk? Well, it is certainly an interplay of several factors but what really can be a gamechanger is ‘compounding’.

Compounding is so potent a factor with respect to wealth creation that it is referred to as ‘magic’ for the benefits it offers, and rightly so.

This is a magic pill which is seen as a pre requisite to allow your investment to grow. Even if you have zeroed in the best stocks, you will need to keep your money invested for a long duration in order for compounding to kick in.

To encapsulate the power of time instead of timing, legendary investor Warren Buffett once famously said, “You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”

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In order to demonstrate the benefits of compounding, we have randomly selected one mid cap mutual fund scheme i.e., HSBC Midcap Fund, which has delivered good returns since the launch of fund.

We suppose that the investor was consistent in investing 10,000 every month via the SIP route into this mutual fund scheme.

This means in a year’s time, the total investment would have accumulated to 1.2 lakh. But this investment would have swelled to 1.55 lakh, the figures on HSBC Mutual Fund’s The Asset reveal.

Tenure        Return (%)  Investment (Rs) Return (Rs)
1 year                          58.71 1.2 lakh 1.55 lakh
3 years                     29.95 3.6 lakh 5.52 lakh
5 years                      26.69 6 lakh 11.58 lakh
10 years             16.95 12 lakh 28.85 lakh*
Since Inception             17.76 23.6 lakh 1.76 crore

(Source: HSBC Mutual Fund The Asset April 2024)
(*Morning Star Calculator)

Similarly, if an investor had continued the SIP for 3 years, the investment would have grown to 5.52 lakh by making an investment of 3.6 lakh.

If the same pace of investment had continued for 5 years, the investment would have grown to 11.58 lakh by making an investment of 6 lakh.

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Likewise, if an investor had invested for a span of 10 years, the investment would have grown to 28.85 lakh while the total invested amount stands at 12 lakh.

And suppose someone had continued to invest 10,000 every month since inception, the total investment in the past 19 years and 8 months would have grown to 1.76 crore while the invested amount would have been only 23.6 lakh.

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Published: 28 May 2024, 07:21 PM IST

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