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Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan, who tied the knot in 2005, parted ways in August 2021. In a new interview with Zoom, Kiran, who has been busy with the promotions of her upcoming Laapataa Ladies, spoke about having to correct people when they call her ‘Aamir Khan’s wife’. She added that ‘everybody sees her as a wife or an ex-wife’, but if she did not have a ‘very strong sense of self’, she would have ‘been depressed by being reduced to just a wife’. Also read: Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Kiran Rao opens up on divorce

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan are often spotted together at family functions, such as his daughter Ira Khan's wedding celebrations in January.
Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan are often spotted together at family functions, such as his daughter Ira Khan’s wedding celebrations in January.

‘People might not even know my name’

Kiran Rao, who started her career as an assistant director on Aamir Khan’s 2001 film Lagaan, said, “I am routinely asked, even now at the airport… people go like, ‘You are Aamir Khan’s wife, right?’ They might not even know my name, but the association is directly with Aamir, and I have become accustomed to that. Though now I have to say, ‘Ex-wife’. It doesn’t bother me honestly, because personally, I have always had my own interests, my own friends, and my own life, which I actually actively worked at having. I think for anyone in marriage, it is very important to have their space and identity.”

Kiran Rao on ‘being reduced to just a wife’

Kiran Rao, who shares son Azad Rao Khan with Aamir, added, “Partnering with Aamir in Aamir Khan Productions (for Laapataa Ladies) has always been easy because he is very welcoming of opinions, he looks at me as a creative partner. It’s very heartening, because though everybody sees me as a wife or an ex-wife, if I didn’t have a very strong sense of self I would have been depressed by being reduced to just a wife. But, I have quite a laugh about it, honestly.”

Kiran Rao defends Aamir Khan

Kiran Rao has been in news after she recently reacted to director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s comments on Aamir Khan’s films. She praised Aamir for having stepped up and apologised for his ‘problematic’ work. She also said that Sandeep ‘should deal with Aamir man to man’ instead of bringing her into the equation.

In her interview with The Quint, Kiran also said that she never named Sandeep’s films and spoke about the culture of misogyny in Hindi films in general.

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