IQOO 9 Pro New flagship smartphone review

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Indias most a waited phone iqoo lunched a fastest flagship phone iqoo 9 pro and it has impressive hardware.

Iqoo is a sub brand of vivo. In the number series sixth phone iqoo 9, iqoo 9se, and iqoo 9pro. Iqoo brand is as performance and gaming centric smartphone brand. Iqoo 9pro has two variants 8/256 price is 64,999 and 12/256 69,999.


Iqoo 9pro is gorgeous iqoo was partner with BMW. We can see side frame in grayish colour on phone. It’s come’s with a phone case with good quality which fits perfectly.

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This phone not shinny but it has stripes on it. And also it has edgy glass which is anti gloss so you won’t have finger print marks on the back side. It look beautiful with BMW coloured lines and design will stands out.

In hand feel

In hand feel a flagship phone slightly big if you have big hand it fells good, if you have average hand it fells slightly big. It is a bit slippery but very good in hand fell.


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Iqoo 9pro has amazing front side 6.78 inches 120 hz and E5 AMOLED 10 bit 2k display it fells like flagship display let’s enjoy seamless and smooth screen experience in daily life.

Sides are curved and top and bottom bezels are almost covers with display and its slightly better than 1080p to 2k display. You will fell that extra detail of watching movies and iqoo 9pro has 300 touch sample rate. When it comes to resolution you can play video with 4k HDR support.The brightness of this phone is very high1500 nits of brightness.

Fingerprint sensor

Iqoo 9pro has fastest, ultrasonic and large fingerprint sensor
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Iqoo 9pro has 3d ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which is provide conveniens and security with faster unlocking and aqurate speed.

Convince of fingersprint sensor is 11.1 times larger fingerprint sensor as compared to iqoo 7. Allow to user register is amazing you register fingerprint with a single tap on the sensor.

Lighting speed of sensor along economic design enable the phone to unlock in 0.2 sec a significant improvement of 38.7% by iqoo


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Iqoo 9pro has snapdragon 8 gen 1 this processor is flagship processor. This 8 Gen 1 known as performance and gaming centric chip. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 uses the latest 4nm process technology. And this processor has highest ANTUTU SCORE.

It’s boost performance of the gaming and user experience is next level. It’s increase CPU performance up to 20%. And GPU is also increase up to 30% which is amazing. Storage UFS 3.1(V6) and ram type is latest LPDDR5. We can expand ram by using rom.


The iqoo 9 PRO powerd by 4700 mAh battery, supports 120 watt wired charging and 50 watt wireless charging. The battery split into two cells, and they charge independently to achieve fast charging times. The most important chapter, is the fact of the battery has promised lifespan of 1000 cycles before the health degradation it causes the effective capacity to drop 80%. According to iqoo, and the companies accepted this regard is 800cycle

So, IQOO 9pro has 4700mah battery which is average but when it comes to charging it’s very good at it has 120 watt wired charging and 50 watt wireless charging. 0 to 50% at in 8 mints only and it takes 0 to 100% 20 mints.

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IQOO 9pro has high end display. new snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and the battery 4700 mAh has scored a Endurance rating of 97 hours. Which is the best for flagship phones.

Performance and gaming

IQOO 9pro was first smartphone with snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC with 4nm technology in the flagship segment. Iqoo 9pro flies through the everything from causal gaming to editing apps in action and more intensive titile. If bench marks interested you geekbench single core of score 1224 and multiple core score of score 3598. It has close competition oppo find X5 pro series smartphone.


gaming experience is excellent. Image credit IQOO

Day to day heavy or light task on iqoo 9 pro are smoothly. There is no sign of lag, bug or jitter, as expected from a flagship category. And there is no problem in switching app in iqoo 9 Pro. The real parameter of buying iqoo is gaming.

This phone looks minimal but it’s a gaming centric phone. I have tried some games like BGMI, CALL OF DUTY, ASPHALT 9, ASPHALT 8, and junction impact, on ultra settings. The experience is next level in Gaming.

Intelligent display chip

Iqoo 9pro I D C image credit: amazon

Yes iqoo 9pro has a dedicated gaming chip to improve experience of the gaming. It is an intelligent display chip which is increase the frame rate and optimize colour in the game, so the every player can enjoy high FPS and rich colours and hand to be fully immersed in the games.
This support SDR to HDR the image details are constructed throuhg algorithms to make colours more vivid. Turning the low-quality SDR image to high quality image with similar to the HDR effect.


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Iqoo 9 pro has dual stero speakers upper side and bottom side. The combination of upper and lower stero speakers make sorround ‘s sound effect, quality of the sound is average but the quality of is amazing.


The iqoo 9pro has a very capable camera. The rear camera sensor is great with pictures in the day getting a supper skin tonnes capture aqurate colour.

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50MP GN5 GimbalCamera System

iQOO 9 Pro have 50MP GN5 Gimbal Camera system with high light sensitivity.

GN5’s autofocus technology greatly improves the autofocus performance of the phone. Pictures comes grate It’s Smart-ISO Pro and single-shot progressive HDR provide users with excellent experience for shooting professional low-light and HDR photos. And camera app full future’s.

Iqoo has fisheye camera 50MP Super Wide-Angle Fisheye.the fisheye feature provides a wider field of view, allows users to take in more content and enhance the visual impact of photography.

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