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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fame Imran Khan has been away from films for a long time now. The actor, who is preparing for a long-awaited comeback, recently opened up about his low phase in 2016 when he decided to be an actor no longer. He told Vogue India that he wanted to ‘fix’ himself and be a better version of himself for his daughter Imara. Also read: Imran Khan confirms Bollywood comeback

Imran Khan talks about his low phase and how his daughter Imara helped him. (Photo by SUJIT JAISWAL / AFP)(AFP)
Imran Khan talks about his low phase and how his daughter Imara helped him. (Photo by SUJIT JAISWAL / AFP)(AFP)

Imran Khan moved out of bungalow, sold car

Vogue reported since Imran’s departure from films, the actor has had many changes in life. From moving out of his plush Pali Hill bungalow to currently living in an apartment in Bandra, he sold his Ferrari for his simple life. In fact, the actor is living a simple, sustainable life, so much so that he still proudly wears his 10-year-old suit, which he repeated for his niece Ira Khan’s wedding.

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Imran Khan’s low phase after Katti Batti

Imran said during the interview, “I hit a low in 2016 where I felt broken inside. Luckily, I was working in an industry that had rewarded me financially, so by the time I was 30, I didn’t have to worry about money. At that point, it wasn’t my career because I wasn’t excited by it enough to want to work hard for it.” Bit by bit, anything that wasn’t essential fell by the wayside. “I had recently become a father and thought, ‘This is valuable. This is something I take seriously.’ I wanted to be the best version of myself for Imara. I decided it was no longer my job to be an actor. Now, I had to fix myself; be at my healthiest and strongest for my daughter.”

Imran is separated from his wife, Avantika Malik. They share their daughter Imara. Imran, who is Aamir Khan’s nephew, is reportedly dating actor Lekha Washington.

Imran Khan on his films

Imran’s last release was Katti Batti, co-starring Kangana Ranaut. The film did not work at the box office. During disappearance, he spent a lot of time watching films at home. He reasoned in the same interview, “When Katti Batti flopped, I wanted to understand some things, so I began working backwards. What had been the biggest hits of the last two or three years? What were the films that had brought my contemporaries success? Do I like those films? Would I have said yes had they been offered to me? The answer was always no. And that clarified something for me. What I actually wanted was for the films I was in to be successful.”

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