Hug Day 2024: To know types of hugs and their meanings, read here

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Every year on February 12 Hug Day is celebrated. A hug is an essential form of physical touch.

Depending on the type of hug, it can be a sign of love, romantic intimacy, security, emotional support, or friendship.

In 2018, a study published in the journal Psychological Research highlighted how most people showed an increased preference for right-sided hugs while left-sided hugs occurred more frequently in positive and negative situations.

It said: “This is because of the influence of the right hemisphere, which controls the left side of the body and processes both positive and negative emotions.”

Here are six types of hugs and their meanings –

1 Side Hug — A side hug is when two people hug each other with their arms around either the other person’s waist or shoulder. 

Usually, they are standing side by side, one using the left arm and the other using the right.

It signifies politeness and friendliness but if a close friend or romantic partner gives you a side hug, it signifies quick affection or comfort.

2 Hugging from Behind – In this type of hug, one person usually stands behind the other, with the hugger’s front touching the other’s backside closely, and wraps their arms around the partner’s chest or torso.

This hug signifies deep feelings, fondness, support, or an intimate relationship.

3 Waist Hug – In this hug, both partners’ waists are completely aligned and their arms are wrapped around each other’s waists. 

It signifies an intimate romantic relationship and provides an opening for a person to make the next move. It can extend to a more playful sexual realm.

4 Tight Hug – Also known as a bear hug, it is most commonly done while standing. It is much closer, tighter, and usually more prolonged. 

It means closeness and intimacy between the two persons.

5 Buddy Hug — It is a two-armed hug where both people’s chests touch.

It signifies warmth and comfort, and is strictly friendly with a few quick pats or rubs. 

6 Pickpocket Hug – It is a sweet, romantic hug and a cutesy, rom-com-worthy gesture. 

It signifies strong trust and affection between the two people.

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Published: 12 Feb 2024, 06:19 AM IST

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