Grammys 2024: Trevor Noah cracks an NFL joke for Taylor Swift

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Trevor Noah, the charismatic comedian and host of the Grammys for the fourth consecutive year, did not shy away from poking fun at one of the biggest stars of the night, Taylor Swift.

Trevor Noah's hilarious jokes about Taylor Swift win over fans(X)
Trevor Noah’s hilarious jokes about Taylor Swift win over fans(X)

Swift, who was nominated for six awards and performed her hit song ‘All Too Well’ with Phoebe Bridgers, was the subject of several jokes by Noah throughout the show.

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As Swift entered the Arena in Los Angeles with her collaborator Jack Antonoff, Noah quipped, “Are you seeing what’s happening right now? As Taylor Swift moves through the room, the local economy around those tables improves”

He then referenced the recent backlash from NFL fans who complained about the cameras cutting to Swift during the games of her boyfriend Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I think it is so unfair how NFL fans have been complaining about the cameras panning to Taylor Swift, like she’s controlling the cameras at the game. Just let her live!” Noah said.

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He then wittily announced that he would get revenge on behalf of Swift by doing the opposite, “Every time they mention Taylor Swift, I’m gonna cut the cameras to someone who plays football. Cut, bam.” The camera then switched to former NFL player and actor Terry Crews, who looked confused and amused by the gag.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…Taylor Swift’

Noah continued to make jokes about Swift throughout the night, such as when he introduced her performance by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the woman who makes me feel like I need to get my life together: Taylor Swift.”

Swift seemed to enjoy Noah’s humour, as she was seen laughing and clapping along with his jokes. She also thanked him for his hosting skills when she accepted the award for Album of the Year for her surprise release “Evermore”.

“Thank you so much, Trevor. You’re amazing,” she said.

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Noah’s jokes about Swift were well-received by many fans on social media, who praised that this is the right way to joke. Some even suggested that Noah and Swift should collaborate on a comedy or musical project.

One fan tweeted. “Trevor Noah and Taylor Swift need to do a Netflix special together. They are hilarious and adorable.”

“Trevor Noah is the best host ever. He’s so funny and charming. And he loves Taylor Swift. What more can you ask for?” another one wrote.

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