Exclusive| Sushant Divgikr confirms relationship: I want an Indian wedding

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Sushant Divgikr aka Rani KoHEnur has found love, and she is out and proud, flaunting the mystery man. While she isn’t ready to reveal his identity yet, the actor-singer tells us, “He works and lives in Australia, but he’s an Indian. Main kahin par bhi jaake Indian hi pakadti hoon, damaad toh Indian hi hoga! Mujhe proper Indian wedding chahiye.” She took to Instagram late Friday night to share pictures with him, while writing ‘Jeeju’ in the caption.

Actor-singer Sushant Divgikr with her boyfriend
Actor-singer Sushant Divgikr with her boyfriend

Calling him a wonderful man, Divgikr continues, “I have known him for a year. Before us, he was with someone else, but he broke up very soon. Our fondness for each other was always there. But even when you are attracted to someone, you don’t want to spoil someone else’s relationship. These are values I hold very close. I would never do that to anybody else, just like I wouldn’t want it to happen to me. We met in LA first, of all the places.”

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Laughing and teasing us with a ‘maybe’ when we bring up a possible marriage, she adds, “He is the still water, I am the Tsunami, or rather the alligator that jumps out of the still water. Yin to my yang.”

In the current scenario, transgender people can get married to a man, or a woman, or to another transgender. Divgikr, while glad that she has that option, also feels, “I identify under the trans spectrum. Tomorrow if I want to marry, I can. But till everybody isn’t free, none of us are free. If some of us have equal rights, none of us should celebrate as such. It could be a union, or a partnership, I don’t have to call it marriage always. Marriage is partnership between two people.”

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