Chhath Puja 2023 begins today with Nahay Khay: Know date, four days of rituals, Arghya timing, significance

This first ritual sets the tone for the challenging 36-hour fasting period that follows. Here is all you need to know about Chhath Puja 2023.

Chhath Puja 2023 Date

Chhath Puja, a four-day festival, is scheduled to be observed from November 17 to 20. Arghya, offerings to the setting sun and the rising sun, will be presented on November 19 and November 20, respectively.

Chhath Puja 2023 History

Chhath Puja, rooted in Indian mythology, is dedicated to the Sun God and his sister, Chhathi Maiyya. This significant observance entails thorough preparations, including cleaning homes, obtaining puja necessities, such as soops, procuring new clothing for the family, and gathering prasad items.

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These festive arrangements commence well in advance of the actual celebration.

In Mahabharata times, Suryaputra Karna is renowned for presenting arghya to the Sun God while standing in the water.

Another tale involves the Pandavas, who, confronted with a food shortage during their forest exile, heeded the counsel of Dhoumya Muni. Yudhishthir worshipped Lord Surya and received a divine copper vessel that could miraculously prepare four varieties of food for them.

Four days of Chhath Puja 2023

Nahay Khay

On November 17, as the sun will grace the horizon with its first light at 6:45 am, marking the beginning of a new day, devotees preparing for the Nahay Khay ritual are immersed in the sacred act of cleansing. The ritual, observed with devotion, involves a purifying bath in holy water bodies in the Ganga or Yamuna River.

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As the day unfolds, culminating with the sunset at 5:27 pm, participants share prasad and partake in the festivities, creating a harmonious connection with nature and the divine during this Chhath Puja ritual.


On November 18, during the Kharna and Lohanda observance, participants rise early to prepare the prasad of rasiya or gud kheer. A rigorous day-long nirjala fast, abstaining from both food and water, is observed from sunrise at 6:46 am until sunset at 5:26 pm.

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The fast is concluded with the consumption of prasad of rasiya, serving as the final meal before embarking on a challenging 36-hour fasting period. This day holds special significance in the Chhath Puja festivities, signifying discipline, devotion, and spiritual endurance.

Sandhya Arghya

On November 19, during the Sandhya Arghya ritual, fasting without food and water persists, and preparations for the evening puja unfold concurrently. Soops are laden with offerings like thekua, coconut, seasonal fruits, and more.

Sunrise timing: 6:09 am  

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Sunset timing: 4:57 pm

Devotees, standing waist-deep in a water body, present arghya to the setting sun. Despite the ongoing fast, the nighttime hours are marked by unwavering dedication, with fasting persevering until the following morning.

Usha Arghya

On November 20, the final day of Chhath Puja fasting, the culmination unfolds with Usha Arghya, where devotees offer arghya to the rising sun while standing in the water.

Sunrise timing: 6:10 am 

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Sunset timing: 4:57 pm 

As Chhath Puja concludes, a sense of joy and happiness envelops the hearts of devotees, as well as their families and relatives.

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Updated: 17 Nov 2023, 09:08 AM IST

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