Bikers perform stunt with firecrackers in Tamil Nadu, arrested | Watch

Tiruchirappalli police in Tamil Nadu have arrested 10 persons under various sections of the IPC and Motor Vehicles Act, for performing stunts and bursting firecrackers which were attached to their bikes on the road which posed a threat to pedestrians, ANI reported Tuesday.

In the viral video posted on social media and confirmed by Trichy District police, a group of bikers were seen performing stunts and bursting firecrackers while riding motorcycles in Tiruchirappalli.

In the viral video, shared by ANI on X (formerly known as Twitter), a group of bikers are seen performing stunt in which a biker is seen travelling a distance with its front wheels raised. While he is performing the stunt on his bike, fireworks (presumably skyrocket) attached to his vehicle’s headlight and front number plate are ignited and burst. Another biker with a pillion rider of the same group is seen dangerously holding the firecracker after igniting it. He rotates it simultaneously while the biker drives the bike on one wheel. The video has Tamil background music.

The Tamil Nadu police used the Instagram page, mentioned in the video, to track the group and then arrest the first biker, reported India Today.

The report said the Tamil Nadu police have registered a case against him and other members of the biker group seen in the video under sections 279 (riding a vehicle in a negligent manner), 286 (negligent conduct with respect to an explosive substance) and 336 (act endangering personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code, among others.

Social Media Reactions

Reacting to the viral video, a user wrote, “ Utterly dangerous and act of crime in a public route.”

Another user wrote, “This is too risky..Why risk one’s life for these stunts…”

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