Apple Watch Detects Low Blood Oxygen Saturation and Saves 16-Year-Old Skier’s Life: Report


  • Early blood oxygen level detection with the help of Apple Watch
  • The skier had High Altitude Pulmonary Edema, according to the diagnosis (HAPE)
  • A 66 percent blood oxygen saturation was recorded by Apple Watch for the user.
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Another user’s life has been saved by Apple Watch, according to reports. Using sensors that record heart rate, ECG, and other health indicators, Apple’s well-known wearable has previously been mentioned for its ability to identify health anomalies in users. This time, an Apple Watch’s ability to recognise low blood oxygen saturation in the body of a 16-year-old skier allowed for prompt treatment. The blood oxygen sensor in the watch can gauge the user’s blood’s oxygen content while it is fastened to their wrist. Apple’s Blood Oxygen app, meanwhile, is only accessible on watchOS in a few nations.

The CBS 8 news anchor Marcella Lee described her terrifying skiing experience in Colorado when her Apple Watch helped detect her son’s low blood oxygen level in a CBS 8 programme. During their skiing trip on Friday morning, Lee’s 16-year-old son reported feeling unwell, and by night, she noticed his lips and fingertips were a little blue. She then placed her Apple Watch on his wrist to check his blood oxygen saturation, and after a few seconds, the watch displayed 66 percent.

Lee rushed her son to the neighbourhood ER after learning from more research that if the blood oxygen saturation is 88 percent or lower, emergency medical intervention is required. Surprisingly, the equipment there validated a blood oxygen level of 67 percent, therefore the oxygen saturation level determined by her Apple Watch was practically exact. Her son may have entered a coma, according to the local medical professionals, with sustained oxygen levels of only 66%. He received treatment promptly, though, and is currently doing well.

Lee stated that high altitude pulmonary edoema (HAPE), which is uncommon in skiers, was diagnosed in her kid. According to the data, HAPE affects around one out of every ten thousand skiers in Colorado.

A 12-year-old child in the US was apparently diagnosed with cancer earlier in October 2022 after an Apple Watch reportedly helped her receive timely treatment. The user’s mother apparently received several alerts from Apple Watch about her daughter’s unusually high heart rate. Her appendix had a neuroendocrine tumour when she was transported to the hospital for an appendectomy.

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