Amit Sadh: Motorcycles are liberators of the soul and guides to self-discovery

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Actor Amit Sadh is set to take audiences on an exhilarating ride with his upcoming documentary, Motorcycles Saved My Life. Explaining the title, Sadh shares, “Once I was shooting a film in London, and the contract said that I couldn’t ride a bike for the entirety of the shoot, so as soon as the film finished I went to the nearest bike store and there I found a cap that said – Motorcycles Saved My Life – This phrase resonated so much with me, that I always thought I would make a film with this emotion.”

amit sadh motorcycles documentary
amit sadh motorcycles documentary

For Sadh, motorcycles are more than just machines; they are liberators of the soul and guides to self-discovery. He expresses his desire to share this transformative experience with others, stating, “When I decided to take my next ride, we decided to film it so that we can share the experience I have with people. Motorcycles for me, beyond being machines, are liberators of the soul and guides to self-discovery. My hope is that this journey inspires others to find their path to fulfillment on the open road.”

The film encapsulates Sadh’s deep connection with motorcycles and the profound impact they have had on his life, in which he went on a bike trip from Mumbai to Leh. Currently, the actor is actively seeking for collaborations to help bring his vision to the widest possible audience. “At the moment I am looking for partners who can help me take the film to the largest audience possible. We are in conversation with a few people and I’m very excited to see this reach as many people as possible. The teaser response has been heartening to say the least, I am very grateful to my fans and my team for making this dream of mine a reality,” the 44-year-old ends.

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