100 Israeli doctors sign petition demanding IDF to bomb Gaza hospitals: Reports – Techpedo

Reports on November 5 said that over 100 physicians in Israel had signed a petition “demanding” the bombing of hospitals located in the besieged enclave, despite Israel being condemned for alleged abuses against the civilian population in Gaza.

The alleged petition is written in Hebrew and has gone viral on social media. According to a story in the Dawn, “No place is safe for anyone who confuses hospitals with terrorism.”

The petition also said, “The people of Gaza who consented to turn the hospital into a haven for terrorists and profit from Western morality are the ones who brought about their own destruction, the eradication of terrorism,” according to the newspaper.

Posting the photograph of the petition and claiming that “100 doctors in Israel demand that the Israeli army bomb and blow up hospitals in Gaza as they are infrastructure for the Hamas movement,” Muna Omari, a journalist, identified herself on the social networking site X.

This report follows Israel’s international backlash on October 31 for attacking Gaza’s largest refugee camp, Jabalia, under the guise of neutralising a Hamas commander. The Gaza health ministry, which is operated by Hamas, reported that the Israeli bombardment caused at least 777 injuries and resulted in 195 deaths.

The Gaza administration reports that an attack on a school managed by the UN on November 2 resulted in the deaths of 27 people. On November 4, another strike at a UN school in the Jabalia camp claimed the lives of at least 12 people.

According to numbers released by the Gaza administration, since October 7, Israel has carried out attacks that have resulted in the deaths of over 10,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom were civilians.

To reduce the number of civilian casualties, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate ceasefire. “The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is terrible,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declared in a late-November 3 statement. The senior UN official continued, “Nowhere is safe, an entire population is traumatised.”

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